Connection problems solved

Starting on about 21.08.2018, there have been some serious issues with the DAPNET Server connection regarding the server address / Port 43434. The reason was a self induced DDoS scenario caused by the MMDMV DAPNETGateway software. The version from July 2018 had no delay between failing connection attemps. So as DAPNET has now spread over the world, there have been a lot DAPNETGateway installations that have not been configured properly by their operators. This resulted in connection attempts every millisecond from several instances breaking the server with to many on/off connections. At maximum, the server had to deal with 1000s of connections per second. An update of DAPNETGateway was relased with date 20180823. Pi* Systems have got that update already.

If you run an instance of DAPNETGateway without this framework, please update the software immediately.

In order to get the services up and running again, firewall filtering has been introduced based on the Software version the transmitters are sending during the connect procedure. If it contains MMDMV v201807, your IP will be blocked for port 43434 for some time. You can check on, if you are on the list and even unblock yourself with a click.

We also see every second connection attemps from clients with either wrong credentials or transmitter callsigns that are not registered. Right now, these are just filling our logs. If the number of such careless installations keeps growing, we may have to add the corresponding IPs also to the block list.

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