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These pagers were available in the former POCSAG net by Deutsche Telekom AG and later by e*message. The HF part of the receiver is identical to Skypers. The modification for 439.9875 MHz is thus the same. The shortcome is that the display is much smaller and there is no built-in function for setting time and date autmatically. In addition the date only allows years up to (20)13 starting from (19)94 to be set. This has to be done by hand and is lost on longer absence of battery power.

Modification for UHF ham band use

The original design of the pager is designed for usage on 466.075MHz. Same as for Skypers these can be modified for working in UHF ham band range and the German central frequency 439.9875MHz. Basic modification is to exchange the crystal of the Lo and removing the front end filter. It may be required to add two extra capacitors to make the LO work (not needed in my case however). After modification the pager has to be re-aligned with a signal generator.

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