DX rubrics

In the seven DX-rubrics DX Cluster messages are broadcasted.

Please be aware, that these rubrics are NOT send on all transmitters but only on TX group „dxclusters“!

Three example messages:

DX rubrics numbers

Find below the used rubric numbers 4 to 10 and the corresponding 1XXX-RICs for AlphaPocs and SwissPhones (see also the TX group in the right column)

Special transmitter group "dxclusters"

Especially during contest or Es-season, DX Cluster notifications cause high traffic. Therefore not every DAPNET TX broadcasts them, only those in the transmitter group „dxclusters“. If you see the categories on your pager but do not receive any content, maybe „your“ DAPNET transmitter is not in this group.

How can you check if your DAPNET-transmitter is in the transmitting group "dxclusters"?

  • Choose Transmitters - > Transmitter groups
  • Search for „dxclusters“
  • See if your transmitter is listed there

My used DAPNET tx is not listed in the TX group "dxclusters"

If it is your transmitter/hotspot: Please request an add to the TX group „dxclusters“ via a support ticket (or already when registring a transmitter).

Otherwise: Please talk to your sysop whether he wants to add his transmitter to the TX group dxclusters.

How does dxclusters get the data?

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