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 +Here is a simple way to Unipager-Audio transmit your callsign announcement,​ as required by law in many countries.
 +First, create a .wav file with the desired announcement. It can be CW or speech, on your choice:
 +  * To create a CW .wav file visit: http://​​resources/​etools/​calculators/​calculator-morse-code.php
 +  * To create a voice .wav (in 17 different languages) visit: https://​​
 +  * Convert the .mp3 to .wav (if needed) visit: https://​​
 +  * Rename your .wav file to "​callsign.wav"​
 +Once you have the wav file, login to Unipager OS host over SSH terminal (eg. Putty) and type the following commands:
 +  sudo -i
 +  mkdir /unipager
 +  chmod 777 /unipager
 +  cd /unipager
 +  touch
 +  nano
 +The nano editor will be openend, so paste the following content:
 +  #!/bin/bash
 +  sleep 30
 +  service unipager stop
 +  sleep 5
 +  echo 1 > /​sys/​class/​gpio/​gpio1/​value
 +  sleep 1
 +  aplay /​unipager/​callsign.wav -D plughw:1
 +  echo 0 > /​sys/​class/​gpio/​gpio1/​value
 +  service unipager restart
 +Press Ctrl-X, then press Y to save the content.
 +<color #​ed1c24>​IMPORTANT:</​color>​ The "-D plughw:​1"​ parameter is meant to systems using external USB soundcard. If using Raspberry native soundcard this parameter can be suppressed.
 +IMPORTANT: this script opens GPIO1 to act the PTT. Use the same GPIO declared on Unipager-Audio configuration.
 +Still on terminal type "​crontab -e" to open the scheduler configuration,​ then add the following line to the end of file:
 +  */10 * * * * sudo /​unipager/​
 +Press Ctrl-X, then press Y to save the content.
 +Now find a way to transfer the callsign.wav file from your computer to the /unipager folder on unipager host, the easiest way is using WinScp software (or use wget, ftp, etc)
 +Type the command
 +  chmod 777 *
 +Type the command
 +  reboot now
 +  ​
 +<color #​ed1c24>​Beware that this solution only waits for 30 seconds to empty the UniPager queue. On cases with high traffic and/or only few available time slots this may lead to loss of messages!</​color>​
 +Manual by Renato [[https://​​db/​pu2utr|PU2UTR]]
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