Connecting old Packet-Radio only transmitters via AX.25

There are several reasons why one would like to connect an old AX.25 Packet-Radio only Transmitter to the DAPNET:

  • No possibility to change the hardware due to restrictions or motivation
  • No IP connectivity at the transmitter location
  • Sentimental reasons to keep the RPC PCB :-)

For thoses cases we provide two possible solutions:

Centralized connection of the transmitter via IGATE

If you setup contains a Packet-Radio connection that is reachable via IGATE, this is the easiest way to get your transmitter migrated from FunkrufMaster to DAPNET.

Just do the following steps:

  1. Add db0sda-12 as master to your RPC and store it permanently.
  2. Write an email to and give the following information
    1. The transmitter callsign
    2. The AX.25 connect path to reach you RPC via IGATE
    3. The desired timeslots you want to use
    4. The geografical location in decimal form, e.g. N50.123456 E006.123456
    5. The antenna gain minus the cable losses in dBi
    6. The output power in Watt
    7. the antenna height above ground im meters (not NN!)

The DAPNET team will check you request and provide a software solution with dapnet-proxy to connect your transmitter to the network.

Individual interfacing from AX.25 to TCP

If you don't like the centralized way of connecting your old AX.25 transmitter, you can also setup you own interface from AX.25 to TCP. A Raspberry Pi is enough to do so.

The following steps are needed:

  1. Connect your RPC card by means of a USB-2-Serial converter
  2. Setup the ax0 kernel network device with kissattach. Edit /etc/ax25/axport before.
  3. Install xinetd
  4. Add the file below to a file in /etc/xinetd.d
  5. Use the DAPNET-Proxy to connect yourself with a DAPNET-Node
  6. Get your new transmitter registered into the DAPNET network (see above)
# description: Example AX.25 Interface to DB0SDA C9000
service rpc_db0sda
disable = no
port = 19999
id = funkruf
socket_type = stream
protocol = tcp
user = root
wait = no
server = /usr/bin/axcall
server_args = -r -S -R -s db0sda-12 -r ax0 db0sda-7

In this example db0sda-12 is the defined master callsign in your RPC card and ax0 is the AX.25 kernel-interface you created with kissattach and db0sda-7 is the AX.25 connect path incl. the destination callsign (most probably only your RPC callsign).

Further information on the DAPNET-Proxy is here.

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