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 +====== Emergency Broadcast ======
 +We are currently working on a way to notify large groups of receivers in a distict area.
 +===== Background =====
 +Many receivers from commercial applications have pre-programmed RICs for batch notifications. So far we have identified
 +^ Hardware ​       ^ RIC     ^
 +| Skyper 1        | 0004504 |
 +| Skyper 2        | 0004528 |
 +| Skyper 2C       | 2028520 |
 +| Skyper Taxitech | 0254832 |
 +==== My pager is not on the list! ====
 +If your pager hardware can be programmed freely, please choose one of the RICs and program it into your receiver. Otherwise, please try to find out if there is a preprogrammed RIC and, if you find it, notify the DAPNET team via a ticket.
 +===== Use case =====
 +We intend to use these batch alarm RICs in case of civil warnings or extreme weather conditions to notify the DAPNET participants in the affected area. Please note that this is still IN DEVELOPMENT and DOES NOT REPLACE OFFICIAL INFORMATION PLATFORMS!
 +===== Abuse case =====
 +We know that this way of triggering large scale alarms holds potential for abuse. Be warned, the admins can trace abuse (be it a prank or malicious intent) via the log files.
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