DAPNET Transceiver with Motorola GM360


What is needed for the usage of a Motorola GM360 transceiver

  • Motorola GM360 UHF
  • Raspberry Pi (no matter what model, How-To is based on a RPi 3B+)
  • An original Motorola accessory connector. Alternatively a 20 or 16 pin Dupont connector
  • A 3.5mm stereo jack plug
  • A 22 uF capacitor
  • A generic NPN transistor (i.e. BC547)
  • A 470 ohm resistor

  • Motorola pin 3 is the PTT wire (pulled to GND in case of transmission)
  • Motorola pin 5 is the audio signal
  • Motorola pin 7 is GND

Miscellaneous settings

  • Alsamixer, audio volume 100
  • Unipager audio level 42
  • Unipager 'Inverted' checked
  • Unipager TX delay 15

Thanks to Lutz dh7lk for this contribution

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