netsed Proxy

This is a quick (and dirty) way to ignore RICs without changing the software, just inserting a simple proxy in the middle.

sudo netsed tcp 43434 43434 's/:C8:3:%*%0a/:0:3:A%0a/i' 's/:D0:3:%*%0a/:0:3:B%0a/i' 's/:D8:3:%*%0a/:0:3:C%0a/i' 's/:E0:3:%*%0a/:0:3:D%0a/i' 's/:11A8:3:%*%0a/:0:3:X%0a/i' &
  • On Unipager, change the default server to

This creates a proxy that intercepts and changes DAPNET messages based on rules. On the netsed command mentioned above, RICs 200, 208, 224, 216, are being zeroed. Packets are still transmitted over radio but with no playload, so much smaller, and requiring less timeslots (and energy).

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