SharkRF openSPOT2

The openSPOT2 is a standalone digital radio internet gateway (hotspot) designed mainly for amateur radio. You can talk with others on digital radio networks by using an openSPOT2, Wi-Fi internet access, and your radio.

Product page:

Setting up the openSPOT2 for DAPNET

You can use the openSPOT2 also as a personal POCSAG/DAPNET transmitter. Setting up the device is very easy, just use the Quick Setup feature on the openSPOT2's web interface to configure DAPNET access. You can see the setup procedure in this video:

The DAPNET connector can run in the background so you'll be able to use the openSPOT2 with other connectors continuously.

Sending and receiving messages

You can see the transmit message queue by clicking on the POCSAG/DAPNET sidebar button (or on the Tools page at the POCSAG / DAPNET section if you use a browser on a smaller screen):

It's possible to send POCSAG messages directly from the openSPOT2 to the POCSAG pager, and you can also easily send messages to the DAPNET network after filling your DAPNET user and auth key in this dialog.

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