What to do if I want to add a transmitter?

Just browse to in our ticket system and file a new ticket. Select New DAPNET Transmitter and fill in the form. At the bottom, fill out all the required data, so the system can process your request. Feel free to write us in the comment section all you want to say.

The data you need to provide is:

  • Your Callsign
  • Transmitter Callsign
  • Latitude (in decimal form, please)
  • Longitude (in decimal form, please)
  • Transmitter Type (Personal or Widerange)
  • Transmitter Power (in Watt)
  • Antenna Type (omnidirectional or directional)
  • Antenna main beam direction (if not omnidirectional)
  • Antenna gain with cable losses included in dBi
  • Antenna elevation over ground in meters (NOT (!) over NN)
  • Owner (the DAPNET login names which should be allowed to alter the transmitter settings on their own)
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