Basic Information on APRS-WX Rubric

General Information

DAPNET offers wx-messages imported from on a rubric called “APRS-WX“. This rubric is divided into sub-rubrics to realize a kind of localization based on the corresponding transmitter-group associated to the transmitter-group.

Technical Information

The wx-messages are provided by an external service fetching the information from and building up individual messages for the rubrics to push them finally into DAPNET.

As a first start the service provides information from German wx-stations into the country-groups like “dl-sl” for Saarland, “dl-by” for Bavaria and so on. Each localized rubric is able to carry up to 10 messages that means up to 10 wx-stations could be feed into this.

As a planning for the future it would be realized to feed wx into regional sub-groups for bigger countries like Bavaria, to get a better feed for bigger regions.

Switzerland is segmented into so-called major regions which are based on the NUTS-2 scheme. Each of these major regions can be subscribed to and is supplied with weather information by the corresponding cantons.

How to get a WX-Station listed

If you want to have a wx-station from listed within the rubric “APRS-WX” just open a general-purpose ticket via the ticket system at

We would add it as soon as possible to the corresponding rubric based on the QTH of the wx-station.

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