National Weather Service Alerts Rubric

DAPNET offers National Weather Service Common Alerting Protocol (NOAACAP) watch and warning notifications for USA locations. This feed is provided by K2IE based upon his noaacap application originally developed for APRS severe weather alerting.

Alerts are county specific. DAPNET will relay them to pagers at approximately the same time as NOAA All Hazards SAME alerts are transmitted on VHF. A rubric for your county can be requested in the form of nws-alerts-ssnnn (ss = 2 character US state abbreviation, nnn = county code). See this list for the complete listing of county codes. The alert is then sent via a county specific transmitter over RIC 1081.

To enable this service for your USA county, if it is not already enabled, you may open a ticket with the DAPNET Support Center.

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