Rubric activation for skyper receivers

Due to the system design of the former commercial paging system, the rubrics (except for the first three ones) have to be unlocked before you can access them. This is also called „Skyper rubrics activation“. If your device shows - - - - behind the rubric names, your Skyper rubrics need to be activated first. If you see the figures 1122, you may extend the activation by following the steps below.

Activation Procedure

To activate your Skyper, log in to the DAPNET website and browse to RubricsActivate Rubrics or use this direct link.

Enter you RIC (your number on the Skyper, see photo)

and select all in the transmitter group selection box.

Click on the Submit button to generate a special activation call send to all transmitters on the DAPNET. Your Skyper should be in a coverage area of a transmitter to make this procedure successful. After correct reception of the activation call, you can select all rubrics on your skyper. The - - - - should have changed to 1126 which means your Skyper is activated until November 2026.


What's after November 2026

There's no known way to extend the activation any further, as the Skyper experiences a counter overflow which results in a flipover to the year 1995 or 1996 (depends on the Skyper model). But don't worry: A possible solution would e.g. be to broadcast a different year (for example 2027 = 2017, 2028 = 2018 and so on)

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