Rubric Number Assignment

If you want to create a skyper-rubric, please contact us via ticket system ( by opening a „General Question“-ticket.

With this ticket, we need following information:

  • describe your idea, what you want to do with the rubric
  • give us a maximum 11 characters long description for showing up in Skyper-pagers
  • name with length between 3 and 20 characters
  • the transmitter-group-names the rubric should be provided to
  • your username on DAPNET

After receiving all this information we would create this rubric with a number (to be used as RIC non-Skyper-pagers by adding 1000 to it), assign you as owner and activate it within the transmittergroups.

When assigning the number to the rubric, we take a look at the existing rubrics if we could save some resources by assigning the same number to different rubrics using not the same transmitter-groups. by doing this, we also try to put rubrics with content of same class onto the same rubric-numbers. This is for providing users almost the same type of content when moving trough the countries.

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