The former German Pager Network Telmi used Motorola pagers like the Motorola Memo Express or LX2.

MemoExpress: 2RICs framebased programming, DOS-Software LX2: 4 RIC non-framebased programming. Maildrop is possible, DOS Software

Some Telmi pagers could be used for Dapnet, but you would have to change the crystal, do a calibration with the three-circuit helix filter and mixer. Finally the telmi pager would support only personal calls. Some LX2 HF-Boards have non-adjustible components (capacitors) CAVE: Not all Telmi pagers used the POCSAG-Protocol. The Telmi „Fun“ or „family“ model was a FLEX Pager!

All Telmi pagers have an individual programming-password which based on the RIC. For example: The RIC 0100305 has the password Q552214422.

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