Development of Version 2

The version 2 is under development at the moment. It's a complete rewrite and reorganisation of the core from DAPNET-Core 1. The main changes are going for docker-based microservices, using CouchDB as distributed database and RabbitMQ for the transmitter connections.

The github repository for version 2 is Have a look on the repositories. The documentation about the new concept is here.

Tasks done

  • Implement Clustering of RabbitMQ instances
  • Implement CouchDB databases and design documents
  • Implement Calls microservice for calls distribution
  • Implement Database microservice for access with authentification to the database
  • Implement Unipager Interface to connect for RabbitMQ Servers for message reception
  • Implement Unipager Websocket-based telemetry feedback
  • User Management on website

Open Tasks

  • Implement Rubric handling microservice
  • Implement VPN solution for Core instances connecting via Internet with TINC VPN|Externer Link
  • Implement further functions on website. It's completely reworked with Vuetify. The Github Repo is
  • Implement the coverage calculation with use of world-wide covering DEM data like NASA Aster2 and ESA Copernikus Satellite mission.
  • Implement coverage data service. This includes adaptions on and providing a REST microservice to return an array of transmitters that cover a geo-polynom.
  • Implement the new RabitMQ Interface to the MMDVM DAPNET Gateway. Information about what is to be done are in the documentation
  • Implement the new RabbitMQ Interface to the OpenSpot Software.
  • Implement the new RabbitMQ Interface and configuration to the Pi-Star Software
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