General Information about Transmitter Groups


In order not to have to send information across the entire network, the destination country or the destination region can be determined by specifying transmitter groups.

Naming Scheme

The transmitter groups are assigned geographically according to the following scheme:

Name Destination
all All transmitters on the network
dl-all Transmitters in dl (Germany)
dl-nw Transmitters in North Rhine Westphalia (state in Germany)
dl-nw-detmold Transmitters in Detmold (district of North Rhine Westphalia)
on-all Transmitters in on (Belgium)
on-lg Transmitters in Liège (district of Belgium)

In Germany, group names are based on the following map:

In Austria, group names are based on the callsign prefix of the 9 states (Bundesländer): OE1 to OE9, e.g. oe-oe1

Transmitter groups for clubs and organizations are not assigned for the following reasons:

  • Unlike FUNKRRUFMASTER (Transmitter Groups based on DARC districts) DAPNET should be neutral
  • From the names of many clubs and organizations, the exact location can not be derived
  • „If the others are allowed to have groups, we also want to have our own personal group!“ → long and confusing group list (extra work for the volunteer DAPNET maintainance crew!) enshured
  • DAPNET should always provide equal basic services everywhere, unlike „You just entered the HAM POCSAG coverage area of the local club XYZ where everything is different from the rest of the world“. If You want to provide an unique local service (Nagios monitoring messages, weather forecast, water levels, radioactivity, etc), please choose the geographically correct group, or ask for one.

Membership of Transmitters in Groups

Widerange transmitters should always be member of all geographically fitting transmitter groups. Please do NOT join transmitter groups that are located somewhere else! Doing this can mess up the rubric system of all Skypers in Your coverage area! Being member of special groups like „dxcluster“ is optional, if You are running a personal short range transmitter, You are free to choose any transmitter group You like.

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