General Information about rubrics

Rubrics are the „newsletter“ part of the DAPNET.

Personal calls are bound to one call sign, while rubrics are broadcasted to all pagers, which have „subscribed“ them.

Possible content: News, weather, alerts and so on.

Weather 1080 on an AlphaPoc 602R

Receiving rubrics on your pager

The „famous“ skyper can handle rubrics in a special way, which means a comfortable handling, see

The „new“ pagers like AlphaPoc are not able to categorize rubrics, but there is a workaround with private calls, see e.g. and

Please be aware, that the rubrics are send in corresponding [transmittergroupgeneral|TX groups]]. Weather 80 (RIC 1080) is a good example: It uses the regional TX group. This means, if you add 80/1080 to your pager, you will get (only) the Tyrolean weather info, if you are in OE7 (TX group OE-OE7), and when you move on to Salzburg, you will get the weather from OE2 (TX group OE-OE2).

Some well-known rubrics

You can find all rubrics with numbers and RICs in List of rubrics as Excel-file, link to Microsoft OneDrive - you can also see the TX group in this file.

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