Frequently Asked Questions


I do not have an account. How do I get one?

Look here

Where do I get a registration for my Skyper or other receiver?

Look here

Why can't I use my DMR ID as RIC?

The maximum value for a RIC is limited to 2^21 = 2097152. Thus for example German DMR IDs (262xxxx/263xxxx) are out of range. Due to this we have to derive a RIC from that. For example cutting the first digit or replacing single digits with 0. As long as it is not already taken by someone else you are always free to suggest a RIC that we can assign to you. Please be aware that there are receivers with fixed RICs. People with such hardware always take precedence.

I want to change my associated RIC or add one. Do I need to contact somebody?

No, once the subscriber is added, you can edit it by yourself as owner. Open the Subcribers page, serach for your callsign and click on the edit button. Then change the RIC and save the changes.

I emailed 10 minutes ago. No answer yet. How long does it take to get an account?

We review the applications in our free time. So please be patient for some days.

What is a subscriber?

A subscriber is logical connection between a name (the subscriber) and one or multiple RIC numbers.

What is a transmitter?

A transmitter is a device that puts the POCSAG signal on the air. There are many hardware configurations, like C9000, RasPager, PR430, 9k6-TX with soundcard.

What is a RIC?

A RIC is the identification number in the POCSAG world. They can have special meaning like the clock-RIC to set the date and time on your Pager or the beacon-RIC. Mostly they identify personally your pager. The assignment between a personal RIC and you is the „Subscriber“.

What are the Messages on RIC 8?

Every DAPNET-Transmitter broadcasts its own call periodically (every 10 minutes) on RIC 8, called Transmitter Identification Messages. If you are interested wich transmitters you are able to receive, program RIC 8 to your pager.

I cannot add a subscriber or a transmitter.

Due to abuse reasons, only admins can add subscribers or transmitters. Please look here and here. Once your subscriber or transmitter is assigned to you, you can edit it by yourself.

I want to add a transmitter to the network.

Very nice. We like the network growing. Please look here.

I want to add a node to the network.


Please send an email to support [at] and give the following information:

  • Amateur radio callsign.
  • Location Latitude and Longitude (Please in decimal form, e.g. N 50.12345 E 006.12345)
  • Some reason, why it makes sense to add your node.

Keep in mind that you need a stable HAMNET connection ( to join the cluster network. There is no connection possible from „normal“ Internet. If you don't have a HAMNET connection, you can set up a permanent VPN connection into the HAMNET. Contact us in that case, we have a solution.

I do not receive the rubrics on my skyper.

Please look here.

I do not have skyper but a AlphaPOC receiver. How can I receive the rubric's content?

Please look here.

What RIC should I assign to my AlphaPOC receiver, as there is no pre-defined RIC on these devices?

Please look here.

I want to add a rubric to the network.

FIXME Please send an email to support [at] and give the following information:

  • The desired name
  • The content you want to provide
  • The transmitter group on which you want to send out your data

I want to send automated messages from third party sources.

You can use the REST API to do so. The description is here. Please be aware that the traffic capability is limited on the air interface. So make fair use and use a transmitter group that fits to your needs. Nobody wants in transmitter group „all“ the information that someone has phoned you or your washing machine is done.

What is a timeslot?

As all transmitters work on the same frequency (TDMA), only one transmitter can be active at a time to avoid interference. This is why there are 16 timeslots (0 to F) assigned to each transmitter. If you operate a transmitter it is mandatory to have your clock synced by NTP. Otherwise you will destroy the network.

How do I know which timeslots to use on a transmitter?

Please have a look at and find out, which timeslots in your neighborhood are already used.

I want to get a plug-and-play hardware for a new transmitter site. Where can I get it from?

There is an easy solution with GM1200 and a RasPi. If you like to get a 19„ Rack, please send an email to dh3wr [at] Example

Where can I get a Skyper?

Please help yourself. Prices on ebay went high in the last month.

Why is the time displayed on my Skyper wrong?

It is not wrong, it's UTC. We know, there are pros and cons of using UTC, but this is the most common understanding.

Some rubics are not transmitted on my transmitter.

Please check, if your transmitter is a member of all desired transmitter groups that are assigned to a rubric. Especially for the DX-Cluster messages, there were complains about heavy load on some transmitters. So we added another transmitter group of the DX-Cluster messages. If you want to transmit those messages, have your transmitter added to the group.

In the statistics, I see almost 60 % of all transmitters offline. Is your network mostly not working?

No. The offline transmitters are registred in DAPNET, but not online at the moment. There are a lot of transmitters registered where we don't know the actual status of setup. There may be several transmitters that were registered for test reasons, but never really used. There is an automatic algorithm that deletes transmitters that have not been online for three month. But we don't have any means to distinguish between intentionally offline transmitters and non-intentionally offline transmitters.

My transmitter is connected to the server but listed as offline?

Sometimes there are sync errors between master server and transmitters. To solve the problem, try to save the transmitter config, which should fix the problem.

Is there an SMTP-Interface to DAPNET, so I can send calls with my email program?

Not yet. Feel free to contribute. Use the open documented REST-API and write a simple SMTP server generating REST calls to the API.

What are the crypted messages I see on my transmitter webinterface?

If you see something like this on your UniPager log display, you may ask yourself: What's this? Answer: These are the Skyper rubric names and their content. Is a Caesar cipher. The version uses is ROT-1, so every character is shifted by one.

Example: tbufmmjufo is the „crypted“ version of Satelliten.

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